Stat-Xplore : Info Endpoint

The /info endpoint returns general information about Stat-Xplore. At present, this endpoint returns information about the dataset languages that are available on this server. It may be expanded in future to include additional information about the system configuration.



Request Headers

The language that labels will be returned in (setting this is equivalent to changing the dataset and user interface language in Stat-Xplore). Optional. If not set, the server default language will be used.
The API Key to use to authenticate this request. You can obtain your API key from the Account page in Stat-Xplore. Required in all requests.
If you provide a known Etag value, then (if the response has not changed) this endpoint will return a 304 response instead of the response body. 304 responses do not count against your rate limit usage. Optional. If not set, the request will count against your rate limit usage.

Response Headers

The rate limit configured for this server, this is set to 2,000.
The number of requests remaining for the current rate limiting period. If this value drops to 0 then you will not be able to submit any further requests using this API key until the limit resets.
The time when the rate limit will next be reset. This is expressed as a UNIX timestamp in milliseconds (the number of milliseconds since January 1st 1970).
The checksum of the response. You can store this and use it in the If-None-Match header in subsequent requests. This will allow you to check whether the resource has changed without affecting your rate limit.

Response Body

Following is an example response. This example indicates that only 1 dataset language is configured on this server, English:

  "languages": [
      "locale": "en",
      "displayName": "English"