Stat-Xplore : Edit a Group

To edit a custom group you have created:

  1. Click the Custom Data button at the bottom of the field list.

  2. In the My Custom Data section, select the check box next to the group you want to edit.

    My Custom Data check box

  3. Click Edit.

    Edit button highlighted

    Stat-Xplore adds the contents of your group to the list on the right.

    Current group items listed

  4. Add and remove items from the group by selecting the item you want to add/remove and then clicking either  »» or ««
  5. When you have finished making changes, click Save to save your changes.

    Save button highlighted

    Click Cancel Edit to stop editing the group without saving any of your changes.

If you edit a group that is currently in use in the table, then the old version of the group will continue to display in the table. To update to the new version you must add it to the table again.