Stat-Xplore : My Custom Data

If there are specific combinations of field items that you are interested in, then you can use Stat-Xplore's custom data feature to combine items into your own groupings of values (also referred to as "recodes").

To access this feature, click the Custom Data button at the bottom of the list of fields:

Custom Data button highlighted

Stat-Xplore displays the My Custom Data screen, where you can create and manage your groups.

My Custom Data screen

Once you have created a custom group, you can use it in your tables. Your custom groups will be saved on the server and you can access them again the next time you use Stat-Xplore. You can also download/save your groups to a file, which you can share with other Stat-Xplore users.

Once you have created a group you can:

You cannot access Custom Data if you are logged in as a guest user.