Dataset: Relative Low Income


The Children in low-income families' local area statistics (CiLIF), provides information on the number and proportion of children living in Relative low income by local area across the United Kingdom.

Statistics on the number of children (by age) in low income families by financial year are published on Stat-Xplore. Figures are calibrated to the Households Below Average Income (HBAI) survey regional estimates of children in low income but provide more granular local area information not available from the HBAI for example by Local Authority, Parliamentary Constituency and Ward.

Relative low-income is defined as a A family in low income before housing costs (BHC) in the reference year. A family must have claimed one or more of Universal Credit, Tax Credits or Housing Benefit at any point in the year to be classed as low income in these statistics.

Statistical disclosure control has been applied with Stat-Xplore, which guards against the identification of an individual claimant.

Available Fields (click to open in new window for more information):

  1. Year
  2. Census Output Area hierarchy (UK)
  3. Wards (UK)
  4. Westminster Parliamentary Constituency hierarchy (UK)
  5. Census Output Area hierarchy (GB)
  6. Age of Child (single years and bands)
  7. Gender of Child
  8. Family Type
  9. Work Status of the family

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